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Valentine’s Day Combo Pack

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  • Recipient must be 19+

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Valentines Day Combo Pack includes:

  • 1 x Lip Balm – Apothecary – Carrot Cake, Spearmint, Cinnamon, and Natural (Scent will vary)
  • 1 x Organic Massage Oil (5ml Stick) – Remedeaze
  • 1 x Assorted Little Heart Gummies (84mg THC) – 6 Pack – King Louis
  • 1 x EnchantMints 2mg THC per Mint (25/bottle) – Baked Edibles
  • 1 x 1:1 Infused Wildberry Flavoured Mist (100mg THC:100mg CBD) – Anonymous Content
  • 1 x Strawberry Creme Mini Bar (100mg THC) – EP Infusions

Help the cannabis lover in your life feel relaxed and adored this Valentine’s Day, send one of our newly released Valentine’s boxes! Each box is filled with an assortment of edible & topical items. Wanting to enjoy these with someone special but your tolerance levels don’t match up? Varying strengths of THC in this pack means something has been included for everyone – novice cannabis consumer, or seasoned user.

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  • 1 x Lip Balm – Apothecary  – Carrot Cake, Spearmint, Cinnamon, and Natural. (Scent will vary)

Apothecary’s 100% natural lip balm with Hemp Terpenes

Ingredients:  Hemp terpenes, hemp oil, castor oil, cacao seed butter, beeswax, coconut oil, natural flavoring, shea butter fruit, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, calendula oil, kukui nut oil, vitamin e

  • 1 x Organic Massage Oil (5ml Stick) – Remedeaze 

Organic Massage Oil (5ml Stick) – Remedeaze

Remedeaze products are handcrafted in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC.  They raise their emu and process their emu oil on site at their farm.  Partnering with Tetra Technologies ensures their products are infused with the highest quality Cannabis Oil.  They are passionate about their products and are excited to share the powerful combination of Cannabis and Emu Oil with their valued customers.

  • Using Emu Oil as the delivery agent for THC, this soothing warm and deep penetrating cream is sure to ease those painful joints and body aches due to inflammation.
  • Both Emu Oil and Cannabis are natural anti inflammatories.
  • Emu oil is hypoallergenic, contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 fattyacids and has anibacterial properties.
  • This formula offers fast, effective relief, a little goes a long way.
  • Perfect travel size, easily fits in a travel bag or purse.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, 100% Pure Canadian Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Arnica Oil, Tetra Technologies Cannabis Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Wintergreen EO, Clove Bud EO, Eucalyptus Globulous EO, White Camphor EO.


  • 1 x Assorted Little Heart Gummies (84mg THC) – 6 Pack – King Louis

These King Louis’ Little Hearts are made with RSO Oil

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Pectin, Water, Citric Acid, Flavouring Oil, Colour, THC. All items are made by a red seal chef with 15+ years of professional kitchen experience.

Directions: Being with a small portion (1/2 – 1) and wait 40 min. Increase dosage as needed in small portions.

Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry.

RSO Oil: By soaking the cannabis in pure naphtha or isopropyl alcohol, the therapeutic compounds are drawn out of the plant, leaving behind a tar-like liquid after the solvent fully evaporates. Also known as Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) can be orally administered or applied directly to the skin. Many other businesses now sell their own renditions of the Rick Simpson Oil, some of which are high in THC while others contain only non-psychoactive compounds like CBD.

  • 1 x EnchantMints 2mg THC per Mint (25/bottle) – Baked Edibles

Welcome EnchantMints! These little blue gems are pure bliss. They’re the perfect introduction of edible cannabis to industry newbies, while also providing a slow dose fast-acting option for seasoned cannabis users.

  • 2 mg THC per Mint
  • 25 Mints per package
  • 50 mg THC per package

Cannabis flavour strength – 0/10


Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Artificial Flavour, Menthol, Cannabis THC Extract, MCT Oil, Liquid Soy Lecithin


  • 1 x 1:1 Infused Wildberry Flavoured Mist (100mg THC:100mg CBD) – Anonymous Content

Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

  • Sublingual and fast acting
  • Fast-acting alternative for discrete use (looks like breath freshener) and tastes great
  • Convenient pocket/purse size

Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD/THC Oil, Flavourings, Stevia.

Our mists offer significant advantages over other methods of administering medical cannabinoids: a micro-atomizer sprays a precise dose into the mouth. Absorption via oral mucosa into the bloodstream is fast and dependable. The oral spray is not processed by the digestive system and liver into a metabolite as occurs with orally ingested cannabinoids in edibles. This means the effect is similar to smoking cannabis but without the smoke.

Patients report that the precision-dose atomizer makes it easy to achieve the appropriate level of medication. Unlike edibles, you know within a few minutes if the initial dosage was sufficient. Start with 1–2 sprays, increasing by 1 spray at a time, if necessary.

Unlike edibles, our Mist is absorbed via oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream. Effect is similar to smoking cannabis but without the smoke. Onset within 15 minutes; lasts 1-2 hours.

  • 1 x Strawberry Creme Mini Bar (100mg THC) – EP Infusions

EP Infusion Gourmet Chocolates

Every​ ​single​ ​EP​ ​product​ ​is​ ​made​ ​by​ ​hand​ ​in​ ​Montreal,​ ​and​ ​each​ ​is​ ​an homage​ ​to​ ​our​ ​city’s​ ​deep​ ​artistic​ ​roots,​ ​effortless​ ​elegance,​ ​and​ ​love​ ​of cannabis.​ ​Drawing​ ​on​ ​years​ ​of​ ​experience​ ​in​ ​craft​ ​brewing​ ​and confectionary,​ ​we​ ​strive​ ​to​ ​offer​ ​quite​ ​simply​ ​the​ ​finest​ ​infusions​ ​in​ ​the world. Our​ ​minibars​ ​are​ ​portable,​ ​resealable,​ ​and​ ​ready​ ​to​ ​hit​ ​the​ ​road​ ​with​ ​zero​ ​compromises​ ​on​ ​quality. As​ ​with​ ​our​ ​entire​ ​line​ ​of​ ​confections,​ ​we​ ​use​ ​only​ ​the​ ​finest​ ​European​ ​chocolate​ ​without​ ​artificial flavours​ ​of​ ​any​ ​kind.

Strawberry Creme Mini Bar


Directions: For adult use. Begin by using a small portion, and wait 40 minutes, Increase dosage as needed to easy symptoms. Titrate dosage in small portions to avoid overdoing it. Stay hydrated and only use medicine safely in a controlled setting. Cannabis is non-toxic.

Dosage: Will vary based on patient’s weight, metabolism and dietary habits.


  • With other medication unless approved by a physician
  • With alcohol
  • While operating heavy machinery or a motor vehicle
  • Without a physician’s authorized recommend



  • Recipient must be 19+

*Available while quantities last*


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