Rose Kush – Hybrid – Scout Pre-Roll Pack


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Scout Pre-Rolls Includes:
  • 5 pre-rolls per package
  • Approximately 0.5 grams per pre-roll

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Rose Kush, also known as Rose OG and Rose Bud, is a well-balanced cannabis strain with an approximate ratio of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This delivers a very relaxing body effect in combination with a cerebral clarity that offers focus, energy and productivity. Ideal for daytime use, the THC content of this hybrid may get as low as 14-15%, but it generally averages around 20-21% and can reach as high as 27-28%. Its CBD content is known to barely reach 1%. It showcases miniature pine-like buds generously covered with trichomes that have a yellow-orange-brown appearance. Although to most the origins of Rose Kush are still wrapped in a mystery, it is believed to belong to the OG Kush lineage. But one thing is for sure, Rose Kush is known for its unique rose scent, which adds an aromatherapy-like experience when smoked or vaped. A skunky rose smell similar to diesel, with herbal and woody flavours, is also one of its characteristics.

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