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INFUSED BATH SALTS 500g/200mg CBD per package Soak it all in. Infused with 200mg of miracle CBD. Choose Bath Salts in drop down menu below (3 different types of Bath Salts to choose from).

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Product Information

INTIMATE BLEND: Help lift your mood & balance emotions with this blend of CBD, ylang ylang, and sandalwood essential oils. Choose Island Therapeutics Bath Salts as an addition to your healthy lifestyle with their CBD Intimate Blend Bath Salts. Artisan created in small batches to ensure the highest quality. They’ve blended CBD with magnesium rich epsom salts, and infused them with luxurious and invigorating Sandalwood, as well as uplifting and stress reducing Ylang Ylang essential oils. This blend will leave your worries floating away. Benefits to adding this to your bath-time routine includes not only full body relaxation, resulting in a better sleep, but additionally, a soothing and healing effect to your skin. 500g/200mg CBD.

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