We have a mission: get the best quality cannabis into the hands of our members, easily.

The Saskatchewan Compassion Club provides access to an extensive selection of products and delivers them quickly, and with care. It’s been a long road to get here, and we’ll continue to do what we can to move the industry forward, while never losing sight of what matters most: people.

A premium selection

Over the years, the Saskatchewan Compassion Club has grown alongside our community. We’ve refined our offerings based on feedback and new product availability, and we’ll continue to adapt as the medical cannabis market moves forward.

High quality cannabis

We source cannabis from trusted Canadian producers to ensure you get the best quality product, every time. We also know that consistency is important, which is why we only source cannabis from producers we know we can rely on.

Online orders and quick shipping

All orders are sent via Canada Post, ensuring your goods arrive safely and swiftly. Online ordering and fast delivery are just two more ways we’re making it easy for our members to access medical cannabis.

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