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Full Melt Bubble Hash (1g)

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Full Melt Bubble Hash: Full melt bubble hash is a resin product derived from ice and water. This particular extraction process delicately separates cannabis resin heads, know as trichomes, from the plant material. The process of making bubble hash involves only purified water, ice, agitation and bubble hash bags. Of course bubble hash bags are available online and make awesome bubble hash. But making bubble hash, especially full melt bubble hash is very time consuming. Anyhow when resin heads are properly extracted using hash bubble bags and properly cured the resulting bubble hash is awesome. Great bubble hash is so pure that it immediately melts into a viscous oil creating “clear dome” like bubbles during combustion under flame or vaporization. This smoke is truly fit for kings. Potency can be more than 50 percent, up to 75 percent THC. The health benefits are tremendous — your lungs will thank you. Take away all the plant matter, and all you inhale is the pure essence of the plant. Since the the trichome heads are removed intact, oils containing the essences that carry the taste to your palate are also captured.

How to Smoke: Mix this with your cannabis, sprinkle that in your joints, pipe and/or bong for a more potent high.


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