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Chocolate Crisp-Bee (50mg CBD) – Newbeaze

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  • Superior joint support /inflammation
  • Promotion of natural calmness
  • Maintenance of neuro-agility

*Contents subject to melting if exposed to heat. Keep refrigerated at all times.*

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Bee-cause you deserve to be as healthy as you can!

These sweet, crisp-bee, artisan chocolates are hand-crafted with the finest ingredients for a efficient delivery of our lab-tested CBD oil.  For homeostasis, cellular balance, reduced inflammation and a calming effect choose our popular Chocolate Crisp-Bees.

Dosage:  Start with 10 mg/day and increase 5-10mg daily until you feel relief.  Ideal dosing will depend on your metabolism, weight, activity level, diet and age.

  • 50mg CBD per chocolate crisp-bee. One Crip-Bee per package.

Cautions:  Consult your doctor before consuming any dietary supplement or if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any other medication.

Ingredients: Dark Belgium chocolate, Rice Krispies (rice, sugar, salt, malt flavoring, iron, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), lab tested CBD oil.